Supply Chain

Trace your goods & services from point of origin to point of consumption.

Managing inventory, procurements and sales is a complex process no matter how small or big your business is. Aiming to keep the wheels turning, introduce business intelligence and facilitate decision making, the BuduCloud Supply Chain solution offers a wide array of features designed to accommodate any type of business.


Build Your Organization Structure

  • Sites & Branches
  • Business Units
  • Departments
  • Teams
  • Warehouses
  • Bins & Locators

Define Your Items & Services

  • Categories & Attributes
  • Units of Measure
  • Price Lists
  • Procurement Data
  • Accounting/Posting Rules
  • Inventory Costing Method


Unsuccessful inventory management leads to many disappointments. Whether it be the simple case of running out of one of the bestsellers and having to miss out a sales opportunity or the more complex problem of not being able to locate goods in warehouses, inventory problems can turn out to be very frustrating and quite costly. The tools offered by the IM module can nip these problems in the bud and transform inventory management into a savvy intuitive advantage against competitors.

The IM module allows you to

  • Dynamically define items, their attributes and even their units of measure and conversions.
  • Create a complete image of your warehouse structure along with locators, stack numbers and bins.
  • Specify alert quantities for each item at which the system will issue reorders requesting a specific amount
  • Keep track of inter-warehouse transfers


The procurement and purchase procedure is undeniably a long one and its steps are many. Anyone can easily get lost amidst the large number of requests, orders and invoices. But at the core of success lies the ability to organize even the toughest of tasks. The PP module helps you manage even the smallest of tasks in both procurement and purchase in order to stay in control. Accommodating you in every step of the way, the system allows the creation of Purchase Requests, Purchase Quotations, Purchase Orders, Goods Receipts and Invoices, this guarantees the full automation of the procurement process and facilitates it. The same goes with Customer Inquiries, Customer Quotations, Sales Orders, Goods Issues, Sales Invoices and goes as far as managing your Sales returns and goods returns.


Any business owner knows that there is a lot more to selling than meets the eye. Since selling is about creating clients, not customers, the Sales operation must be handled with delicacy and care. Baking you with the tools you need and helping you stay focused on what truly counts, the BuduCloud Sales Module enables you to conclude your production and supply chain cycles with successful sales. Define prices for each item in your inventory, evaluate your items and decide in what price to sell them and to whom, create price lists for individual target sectors and so much more all by the click of a button.

The Intelligence of it all

What makes our solution unique is the fact that they are backed by scientific thinking. It is not just about storing data and keeping track; it is about what can be done with the data you store. Our solutions enable you to visualize the patterns in your data and see what lies beneath the layer of obvious facts. By using the modules you will be constantly feeding our solutions with what they require to build you intuitive insights that will help you in your decision making process. Predictions of future sales, insights about bestsellers and most demanding target sector and ideas of where to invest are all information that you will receive by logging into your BuduCloud account, because smart thinking is what will set you apart.

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