Human Resources

Manage your human capital performance, starting from recruitment to attendance & payroll.

In order for any business to stand out today, excellence has to be its culture’s designated state of mind. To reach this state of mind the work environment has to be backed by organization and effectiveness and harmony must be found between all the company’s departments. That’s where the BuduCloud HRM solution steps in.



The system provides you the ability to

  • Organizational Structure
  • Recruitment
  • Time &Attendance Managment
  • Payroll
  • Performance Managment
  • Employee Self Services

Organizational Structure

This module is designed specifically to provide your company with the type of organization and sense of order it needs to achieve success and efficiency. By creating your own hierarchy of departments, sectors, sections and teams with position descriptions you will achieve an overall progress in organizational performance. And by accompanying this hierarchical organization with all types of data concerning your personnel (such as their basic data, contact information, courses taken, education level, skills and competencies) you will find yourself backed by a foolproof interactive database that holds the key to a more effective and unstoppable task force.

Organizational Structure Features

  • Organizational Units Hierarchy
  • GBUs, Departments, Teams
  • Jobs & Positions Hierarchy
  • Competencies Catalog
  • Schedules & Shifts Plans
  • Personnel Info


In today’s business world, one thing is certain and that is the never ending need for expansion. As companies grow, they require employees to accommodate their growth. With BuduCloud Recruitment Module, the dreaded process of recruitment is made simple. Effective coordination is established between various departments of the company and the HR department leading to increased communication speed. Vacancy notifications are swift which allows the candidate registration process to begin promptly followed by candidate screening and finally the tech savvy Profile matchup puts it all together as requirements and candidate qualifications are compared and the best candidates are found.

Organizational Structure Features

  • Man Power Plan
  • Vacancies Management
  • Candidates Registration
  • Screening & Events Management
  • Profile Matchup
  • Enrollment
  • Probation Period Tracking

Time & Attendance Management

The time and attendance management Module holds the key to organization, effectiveness and high quality employee-employer communication. You can easily keep track of your employee’s attendance and create shift schedules to organize even the most hectic of businesses. Register holidays in the system as well as overtime rules for those tireless workers who make sure your business keeps moving forward. Leave requests are also made easy and can be filed and registered by the click of a button. Access machines are easily integrated in the module and so are IDs for a less time-consuming management of employees’ time and attendance. All in all, this module is the essential tool to keep your company up and running like a well-oiled machine.

Time & Attendance Features

  • Schedules & Shifts Planning
  • Overtime Rules
  • Leaves Management
  • Access Machines Integration

Performance Management

Performance evaluation is crucial for the growth and development of any type of business. It is what allows the detection of loopholes and weaknesses and their quick repair for maximum productivity. Using the Performance Management Module, two routes can be taken in order to evaluate employee performance, the first one being the objectives and due dates method. This route is used for the determination of an employee’s productivity levels and is very easily customized and executed thanks to the tools predisposed by the PM module. These tools allow you to set tasks, goals and objectives and create countdowns of due dates helping your employees keep momentum and high motivation levels and helping you evaluate their overall performance.

Time & Attendance Features

  • Define Goals & Objectives Hierarchy
  • Break down Objectives into Tasks
  • Tasks Management and Tracking
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Productivity


BuduCloud Payroll module enables you to successfully manage your personnel finances in an easy, efficient and accurate manner.The module allows you to define the earnings and deductions groups and rules in a totally dynamic and flexible computational engine to adapt to the governments regulations and laws.With seamless integration with the "time & attendance" and performance management modules, all employees’ incentives, bonuses and deductions will reflect their correspondent timesheet & performance record based on the predefined rules.

Payroll Features

  • Payroll Plans
  • Dynamic Earnings/Deductions Rules
  • Earnings & Deductions Groups (Templates)
  • Employees-Groups Assignment
  • Time & Attendance Payroll Rules
  • Performance Management-Payroll Rules

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