Omar Radi


Experience: 10 years in the business management software field Rowing with my team towards our goal; becoming a market leader in the business management software industry backed by a genuinely satisfied clientele.

Belal Arafa

Technical Team Head

From day one I’ve been passionate and eager to participate in developing the new generation of business management solutions. By working with a competent team of software engineers, I strive to achieve this purpose everyday.

Karim Nabil

Solution Delivery Team Head

Experience: 8 years in the software implementation field By acting as an intermediate between our clients and our developers, I do my best to turn business requirements into tangible tasks. The key to our success as a company lies in better delivery, and that’s what I try to do.

Shady El-Najjar

Business Development Team Lead

Experience: 3 years in the software field Backed by my belief in our capabilities, I exert all efforts to boost BuduCloud’s market position and scale our operations regionally.

Ahmed Samir

Technical Team Lead

Leading a group of technology geeks to create innovative solutions and achieve customer satisfaction by exceeding their expectations. Find me out of the box ;)

Dr.Yasser Omar

Technical Consultant

Experience: 20 years in the computer science field With an extensive knowledge in computer science, electrical engineering and business, Dr. Yasser is our mentor and technical consultant. We are constantly learning from him.

Ahmed Zaki

Business Development Advisor

Business Development Advisor Experience: 6 years in the technology field I believe in this team, and their capability to be the market leader. Together we are always trying to explore new options to develop this business and reach our goals.

Ahmed Ashour

Commercial Advisor

Experience: 7 years in the marketing strategy field I support BuduCloud by pinpointing small details that turns opportunities into solid long lasting bridges. As a polo play maker, I strategically deliver my move to eliminate our competitors, opening the way for our strikers to score.

Mohamed Abdel Aziz

Organizational Development Advisor

witnessed BuduCloud journey from day one, I believe scaling up requires the development of people and processes by well defining the organizational structure and standardizing the operations workflow. That’s what I try to do.

Hana Mahmoud

Marketing Specialist

sincere representation is crucial to a company’s success. That’s where I come in, I provide marketing guidelines, content & more to make sure you know there’s more to BuduCloud than meets the eye.

Mahmoud Abou Zeid

Infrastructure Advisor

Experience: 6 years in the enterprise IT infrastructure field During our journey, I ensure BuduCloud has a resilient and scalable environment to meet the service level objectives in terms of availability and performance.

Ahmed Osama

Business Development Specialist

Experience: 3 years in the business development field My role is to explore different channels of growth for our company and to expand our operations in different industries and markets. Find me in our next meeting ;)

Hossam Gamal

Low-Level Software Engineer

Experience: 4 years in the software development field I work hard on filling the gap between high level software and different hardware devices while maintaining optimum performance. I am a C++ geek ;)

Alaa Hamed

Full Stack Developer

Experience: 2 years in the business software development field I am responsible for designing, coding and enhancing our applications, while adhering to the business requirements. Find me on the crossroad between accounting, operations & computer science. I’ve got all under control ;)

Ahmed Gaballah

Software Development Engineer

Experience: 2 years in the software development field Without the semicolon in C code, you’ve got syntax errors. I am the team's semicolon ';' for our HR Solution. If you are on an HR rim, it’s better to call him.

Ahmed Fouad

PHP Software Architect

Experience: 3 years in the software development field My main focus is to link the backend data-layer with the front-end using the PHP stack. I act as the glue between these layers, trying to keep things together.

Abdel Rahman Badr

Solution Delivery Team Head

Experience: 4 years in the software development field It's not who I am underneath, it's what I do that defines me and what I do, I solve problems and I code. I am vengeance, I am the night, I am Batman.