Customer Relationship Management


Steer the marketing, sales & support cycle from start to finish.

BuduCloud CRM application effectively manages the entire cycle of your marketing, sales and support activities. Starting from planning and execution of marketing campaigns, lead generation and qualification through the sales stages, till closing the deal and providing support .

Build Your Organization Structure

  • Sites & Branches

  • Business Units

  • Departments

  • Teams

  • Warehouses

  • Bins & Locators
Organization Structure chart

Define Your Items & Services

  • Categories & Attributes

  • Units of Measure

  • Price Lists

  • Procurement Data

  • Accounting/Posting Rules

  • Inventory Costing Method
Define Your Items & Services
  • Marketing Automation
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Customer Support

Marketing Automation

BuduCloud Marketing Automation module is designed to, as is obvious from its name, fully automate your marketing experience. You can easily keep track of your campaigns' expenses, budgets and most importantly their ROI (leads generated from each campaign). In addition, you can define multiple marketing channels (such as ads, social media, TV, Journal etc.).

In layman's terms, by using the Marketing Automation Module you will have an unlimited and constant flow of insights regarding your marketing strategy and its efficiency. With the visual and graphic representation of all types of data on your dashboard, comparing your marketing methods and determining what works best for your business will be as easy as it has never been before.

Using the Marketing Automation Module, you will have access to the following features:
  • Marketing/Advertisement Channels: define your ad and marketing channels and specify how each was used in every campaign leading to the determination of the most effective marketing channels.
  • Campaigns Info: create a log of all available information about each campaign such as when it started, the team responsible and the designated marketing channels and save all info in one place.
  • Campaigns Budget: keep track of campaign budget and expenses.
  • Campaigns-Leads linking: link the leads found to the campaigns that brought them on and know who was behind what lead.
  • Campaigns ROI: measure the returns of each campaign in terms of leads and determine which campaigns brought forward the best outcome.
  • Campaigns Reports: get reports about your campaigns in which all the information available about each campaign is present and insights are expressed.

Sales Force Automation

Because being a savvy business owner doesn't stop at marketing, we created the Sales Force Automation Module. Increase your sales force's efficiency by creating and tracking leads into the sales stages and manage all types of opportunities with accounts by using the tools that are built in our SFA module.
Have your sales personnel record leads' basic info, sources, inquiries and events in the solution in order to keep track of the lead's activities and the qualification process.
The module will thus enable your sales managers to gather useful information and statistics by offering them reports and dashboards and aiding them in the decision making process. In one word, the SFA module helps you manage your sales force smoothly and efficiently through automation and data mining techniques.

  • Basic Info
  • Contact Info (Tel, Address, Emails, Facebook, Twitter, etc... )
  • Lead Source
  • Campaign Linking
  • Lead Ranking/Status
  • Ex. Unqualified Prospects, Qualified, Highly Qualified
  • Lead Ownership and Privileges

  • Converting Qualified Leads
  • Individuals & Business Accounts
  • Business Accounts Contacts Info
  • Importing Existing Accounts Info

  • Tracking through Sales Stages
  • Sales Funneling
    • Develop Solution
    • Present Solution
    • Customer Evaluation
    • Negotiation
    • Verbal Commitment
    • Written Order
    • Delivery
    • Payment
  • Sales Analytics using reports, statistics and charts

Customer Support

The customer support module is what we call the icing on our cake, while using this module your support team will find the handling of their daily tasks and cases a lot easier than it used to be. This is caused by the fact that the CSM provides them with a comprehensive view of customers' activity history and full integration with the call center solution.
Provide exceptional service to your customers just by logging and monitoring individual customer cases throughout the entire CRM cycle and keep your customers for life.
  • Integration with Call Center Solution
  • Customer History Retrieval
  • Complaints Management
  • Complaints Statistics
  • Support Workflow & Escalation Procedures
  • Case Time Management

The Intelligence of it all

What makes our solution unique is the fact that they are backed by scientific thinking. It is not just about storing data and keeping track; it is about what can be done with the data you store. Our solutions enable you to visualize the patterns in your data and see what lies beneath the layer of obvious facts. By using the modules you will be constantly feeding our solutions with what they require to build you intuitive insights that will help you in your decision making process. Predictions of future sales, insights about bestsellers and most demanding target sector and ideas of where to invest are all information that you will receive by logging into your BuduCloud account, because smart thinking is what will set you apart.

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