BuduCloud Production Management Application allows you to automate the manufacturing process with the integration of Supply Chain Application. Starting from the Bill Of Material required for work orders, then tracking work orders progress in the production operations/work centers, you will get the bird eye view of your entire plants processes.


  • Sites & Branches

  • Business Units

  • Departments

  • Teams

  • Warehouses

  • Bins & Locators
organization structure


  • Categories & Attributes

  • Units of Measure

  • Price Lists

  • Procurement Data

  • Accounting/Posting Rules

  • Inventory Costing Method
supply chain items and services


Production Planning
Material Requirements Planning
Capacity Planning
Production Orders

Production Planning

Q1 Plan

Finished ProductPlan QuantityOn Hand QuantityShortage
Model A1008020
Model B15040110
Model C2000200

Material Requirements Planning

crm slide

Bill of Materials

To Procure

Raw MaterialOn HandTo Procure

To Procure

Sub AssemblyOn HandTo Procure

Capacity Planning

lamp icon

Labor Hours

hand icon

Machines Production Rate

cloud icon

Maintenance Schedule

Purchase Order

Purchase Order No: PR-001456
Order Date: 15 Dec
Vendor: APEX LLC
User: Dina Mohamed
ItemQuantityUnit PriceDiscount
Item A5080
Item B2012010%

Purchase Invoice

Purchase Invoice No: PR-001456
Ref. PO: PO-001357
Vendor: APEX LLC
User: Hana Mahmoud
Warehouse: Raw Materials
ItemQuantityUnit CostLanding ExpensesBin
Item A50805B22
Item B201083A46

  • Material Requirements Planning
  • Capacity Planning
  • Work Orders Management
  • Maintenance

Material Requirements Planning

It all starts by defining your bill of materials, with all your finished products, sub-assemblies and raw materials in a flexible hierarchal model. The next step is to create your upcoming production plans for your end products. With a seamless integration with the supply chain module, and specifically the inventory and procurement applications, you will be able to accurately plan your material requirements with a click of a button. The end result will show you "What to Procure and What to Produce".

Capacity Planning

Plan your capacity, by defining your human resources, their schedules, machines, and your routing operations. You will be able to define your machines production rates, plan their schedules and define the routing operation for your items. Using all the predefined information, the MRP solution will be able to generate the purchase orders, inventory transfers and work orders schedules in order to execute your production plans.

Work Orders Management

By utilizing the data defined in the HR module, all shifts, schedules and hour rates of your personnel will be used as the foundation for the time planning and work orders cost allocation (Labor Cost). All direct costs, material (inventory costing) & labor (hour rates) will be allocated to the work orders which will be also managed as cost centers in the financial module to allocate indirect costs to them. You will be able to run a variety of reports and statistics to evaluate your performance, and take necessary decisions. Based on the sales reports, the system will help you in planning your upcoming production cycles using intelligent recommendation


With the input gathered from the maintenance module, all preventive and corrective maintenance operations are taken into consideration while planning your orders. You will be able to define your preventive maintenance plans & schedules, track the maintenance orders, the issued spare parts and the working personnel.